Anything with an internet connection is a cash machine these days, amirite?

The 3 Best Survey Apps/Websites That Cash Out Instantly

Jude Colin
3 min readJul 8, 2023


I have done a 3 year long deep dive of every paid survey app and website that I could get my hands on. In addition to the extra cash, I find these surveys to be pretty fun, and somewhat soothing. All of the apps and websites I will list pay out instantly (after you verify your account), and on good days, I make $10–20 from one app alone! For any of you who are experienced with paid online surveys, you probably know $10–20 from 1 app in a day is not too shabby. Believe it or not, I actually have to stop myself sometimes otherwise I’ll just spend hours completing these interesting (and usually relevant) surveys. Big brands need our opinions more than anything in order to make their billion dollar decisions.

So without further ado, here is the list:

  1. Pogo (app)

Pogo is my #1 because not only are does it give you some of the HIGHEST PAYING surveys on the web, but when you link your debit card, Pogo also gives your POINTS ON ALL OF YOUR PURCHASES. So instead of having to scan receipts for mere pennies like other apps, all you have to do with Pogo is just hit “Claim” on each purchase and the points are yours!

Pogo collects surveys from 2 difference market research companies, so you have plenty to choose from. Once you have reached a minimum balance of 3 dollars, you can cash out straight to Paypal or Venmo instantly (after account has been verified).

1,000 points = $1 … and points add up quickly on Pogo, or at least that has been my experience. This is the one I use most frequently, and if you use it well, it will make it so neither your Paypal, nor your wallet is ever empty.

2. Zoom Bucks (website)

Zoom Bucks is my second favorite because this website gives you access to 7+ different survey sites, all with SUPER HIGH PAYING SURVEYS. Sorry for having to break out the ALL CAPS frequently, but I just cannot emphasize enough: THIS SITE PAYS MORE THAN 90% OF ALL THE OTHER SURVEY SITES.

You can do an immediate cashout to Paypal (or just about any gift card you can think of) once you’ve hit $2 in survey money, though you will quickly accumulate much more on here.

3. CASHPIGGY (app)



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